Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How Legal Service Providers Can Overcome Challenges Presented By Globalization

Ana Stolley Persky's article, "Despite Globalization, Lawyers Find New Barriers to Practicing Abroad" in the November 2011 publication of the ABA Journal highlights important issues stemming from globalization that are faced by the legal profession and the clients served by it. One of the issues discussed is how US law firms and attorneys are finding it to be increasingly difficult to fully serve clients, namely business and corporate clients, in emerging market countries.  See the below link to read the article.

Veritas Legal Web is well positioned to help law firms and companies overcome this challenge.  With US licensed attorneys, locally licensed attorneys, and business consultants on the ground in countries like Argentina, Brazil, China, Israel, Mexico, and Poland, we know how to navigate local markets. Many of our attorneys are dually licensed to practice in both the US and their country of residence.  This translates into efficient and high quality service for our clients.  Please visit our website at www.veritaslegalweb.com for more information on how we can help you.

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